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1 wk RHINE VACATION - FAMILY w/6yr old & 18 month old -Need Suggestions

Hello! I am planning a 1 week stay for our family on the Rhine based in Bacharach. I am trying to figure where we should visit for sure. Which castles will be the easiest and best for us. Whether to bring the stroller to visit the castles or bring our Kelty backpack. The backpack seems like the way to go but just more luggage to get across the ocean. We will need both during our trip...I think.
After our week here, we head to Berlin for 1 week.
Any ideas, suggestions would be so helpful.
Oh...also I was thinking to buy train tickets when we are their for short trips..i.e. Frankfurt-Bacharch. Bacharach and other small towns. But buy our Frankfurt-Berlin ticket in advance. Is this necessary or not really?
Any input would be greatly appreciated.

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If moving about by public transport, Bacharach isn't necessarily the best base. Stay in St. Goar, and you can ferry across the river to St. Goarshausen, where you can catch a train easily for destinations on the east bank of the river (like the Rhine's top castle, Marksburg, in Braubach.) St. Goar also has its own castle (Rheinfels) and perhaps the most scenic setting along the Rhine. Bacharach is visit-worthy, but you don't need to stay there. We enjoyed the 2-BR Rheinblick (Rhine View) apartment in St. Goar (around 40 Euros/night base price.) Google Rheinblick and "Walter Huppertz", the establishment's friendly English-speaking owner for details. It's right near the docks and the town center.

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We ran into the same problem with strollers when our son was little, but we didn't try a backpack. I can see where places wouldn't like you to use one, it's easy to bump into stuff with a kid on your back.

Our son was 22 months old on his first trip overseas, and 3 on his second. He spent most of the time on his dad's shoulders. But, even with that, at some sights the staff asked my husband to not carry him that way.

Whichever way you decide to go, stroller or backpack, I'd gate-check it. Use it in the airport to transport the little one around (you'll have to take them out at security), then give it to the gate agent when you get on the plane. You'll get it back at the gate when you get off.