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1 week Paris and Nice- Can it be done??


I am going to France in April. My friend wants to visit Nice and I want to make sure that timetable is doable.

Fri- arrive in morning. Spend day and night in Paris
Sat- Day in Paris, take night train to Nice
Sunday- Spend day in Nice/Monaco, spend night
Monday- Spend day in Nice/Monaco, take night train to Paris
Tues- Paris, spend night
Wed- Leave

Is this feasible? Or do we have enough time?

Thanks for you help!

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I don't know if this is enough time to have the experience you hope for, but you can visit Paris and Nice as you describe.

To save a little trouble and money, and use your time better, you might fly into Nice and home from Paris. Fewer changes of venue, and one less night train.

Good luck!

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0r you could fly into Paris and fly home from Nice. Unfortunately, you might not get a good sleep on the train, so factor in an easy day after your night train. bon voyage!

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The previous posts are the best advice for your visit to save you time, energy and money. Delta, and I'm sure others, have direct flights in/out of Nice. Also consider a flight between Paris and Nice. This is what we have done a few times. It is only about an hour flight and costs the same or less than a train ticket. We usually get an early morning flight and then have the whole day in our destination city. Try searching all the low-cost inter-european airlines on Rick's travel links. Also, we have found flights on AirFrance in the past. Just watch your luggage weight. Some of the budget airlines are very strict about weight and will charge big bucks if you are over. Have a wonderful trip!