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1 week in Andalucia

Looking for suggestions for 7 days between leaving Seville and arriving in Granada. I am open to renting a car for all or part of this time. Cities of interest are Cordoba, Ronda, Gibralter and somewhere on the coast (NOT Malaga, possibly Torremolinos) Not interested in Morroco. I'd appreciate a suggested route and itinerary ideas, including where to pick up/drop off car if a car is advised. Thank you!

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In 2009, we spent 12 days during the Christmas holiday in Nerja (just north of Malaga) right on the coast. We were living in Germany at the time, so we flew from Frankfurt to Malaga and rented a car for Malaga Car Rental. It was a good deal and no problem renting or returning the car. We did day trips to Granada (the Allahambra...get reservations early) and also enjoyed Ronda. If you enjoy a smaller village atmosphere, Nerja may be worth looking at. We did find that travel time by car was longer from the coast inland due to the hilly and narrow roads at times. But, it was also very beautiful to see the olive groves and landscape. Good luck and if I can answer other questions about Nerja, just emal.

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We did two weeks last fall, starting in Granada and ending in Seville. We stayed three days in Granada, picked up the car there, then drove to Gaucin and stayed for a week. During the time in Gaucin, we did day trips to Ronda, Gilbralter, Arcos de la Frontera and several other hill towns. We then drove to Sevilla and dropped off the car there before spending 5 days in Sevilla. We rode the train to Cordoba while in Sevilla for a day trip. Picking up the car and dropping it off was very easy. The roads are very hilly and winding up in the Ronda/Gaucin area - but I really loved the area. Driving out of Granada and into Sevilla was easy, but I definitely wouldn't recommend having a car while you are in either city. We rented the car from Auto Europe. We have used them numerous times and they always seem to have the best prices. We did a pretty major scrape to the car in Gaucin and never were contacted to pay for any damages. I was amazed.
I, too, would be happy to answer any other questions.

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thanks for the ideas, I like the Nerja idea. I may contact each of you via PM for more info!