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1 possibly 2 Days in Salzburg, Austria

I am traveling to Salzburg for business in two weeks and have managed to squeeze at least 1 day out of the itinerary for site seeing.

What are the "must see/do" activities that could be fit into 1 -2 days?

Thank you in advance!

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There are lots of possibilities! To begin with, take the Funicular and tour the Hohensalzburg Castle>, just above the city. I found it quite interesting, but it took me far longer to explore than I had anticipated.

You might also consider a day trip to Hallstatt or Berchtesgaden. I used Bob's Special Tours in Salzburg to visit Berchtesgaden, but they also do day tours of Hallstatt (I went to Hallstatt for a few days after I left Salzburg and really enjoyed it!). There are also (of course) Mozart sites to tour in Salzburg. There may be some concerts happening?

You might check your local Library or Book Store to see if you can find a copy of the Vienna, Salzburg & Tirol Guidebook, as there's lots of information there for touring ideas.

Happy travels!

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Definitely the fortress mentioned above, then hit at least one Mozart site -- either the Geburtshaus or the Wohnhaus. Check out the gardens at Mirabell for a nice break and to see stuff from "Do Re Mi" in the Sound of Music. And shop. Definitely shop.

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I think the fortress and the sites (churches, garden, fountains, grave yard) around the town center are more than one day's worth of activity.

The Augustiner brewery in the evening for dinner and a beer is a good choice.

I know on my next trip, I have planned to see the Kapuzinerberg for the first time. It's right by downtown but I haven't been there yet.

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So much depends on your tastes. I think the city itself is the best sight in Salzburg. I like a walking tour that includes the walk up to the castle (with many stops for views), St Peter's Church cemetery, the foot bridges across the Salzach River and the Mirabell Gardens. Of course see the main pedestrian zone with its shops and stick a head in a couple churches (St. Peters is my favorite).

Regards, Gary

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Do the Sound of Music Tour, if you're fan, plu it gives you a general tour of the area, and goes up into the lake district.

I would definitely vote for the Fortress, and getting up to one of the view points (fortress, Eagle's Nest, Untersberg). A walk around town is a must, and really unique/fun.

If you're a classical music fan, research that too. Concerts all over town and from the music school.

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Others have identified what I would consider essential like Hohensalzburg Fortress, churches, St. Peter's cemetery (yes, a cemetery--it's like nothing you've ever seen), something Motzartian like his Geburtshaus, Mirabel Gardens, and the pedestrian shopping street with all the overhead hanging signs. I want to second Brad's suggestion that you go to the Augustiner Brewery for dinner. It's in a monastery and will give you a unique dining experience. "Dining" is probably not the word, but it's lots of fun. If I think of its name later, I'll tell you about another restaurant on the opposite side of the river from the Old City. It's one that locals like and where you will find few English speakers--a delightful native experience.

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There are many good suggestions above. I think taking a general tour of Salzburg is a good idea since you have so little time. They will show you some sights from The Sound Of Music and take you to at least one Mozart museum. And just walking around Salzburg in your spare time will be so much fun, and beautiful at night. If you want to eat something sweet, have a Mozart Ball! They are so good! They are sold everyplace! Mozart in Salzburg is big like Elvis is big in Memphis! Lol! You have much to look forward too. Salzburg has loads of charm.

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When we were there last Fall, we loved the fortress, and also walking around the old town. Rick's walking tour of Salzburg was really good, too. It takes you by lots of interesting sites. We also enjoyed the SOM tour with Bob's. If I had just one day, I would go to the fortress and take Rick's walking tour. Have fun! I'd love to go there again.

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What a wonderful resource this turned out to be! Many thanks to all who responded, this has been most helpful.

I will post an update when I return and let you know how I fared.

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I look forward to hearing about your trip. I'm sure you will love Salzburg as much as we do!