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To the North


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Arriving at the UK boarder--What should I expect?
heavenbound92 30
Is it worth Kissing the Blarney Stone??
Michelle 30
Problems with U.S. Credit Cards in UK/Ireland?
Matt 30
Food in Ireland and England
shannon 30
Driving Tour of the UK
Jennifer 29
Sogwa 30
DJ 29
The Chieftains, Enya, U2 and ... ?
Teresa 30
Help~ only 3 days~
Bob 30
1st int'l flight..going thru immigration/customs
Linda 30
Tea Time in London
Maria 30
Terry 30
nova scotia
Shirley 30
Seeing Ireland for the first time
Marcia 29
British Accent
Suzanne 29
Money Exchange???
Jack 29
iPhone with UK SIM-- unlocked or not?
Allyson... 28
Renting a flat in Barking, London in 2013
John 29
Jeans or zip off pants in Scotland?
Karen 28
Your Favorte Museum in London
Erin 27
Traveling Solo to London in two weeks!
Samantha 24
Carrying pounds in cash onto the airlines
Ron 28
Grocery Stores/ Markets
Becky 27
Help for a fish 'n chips novice
Amy 27
Has the threat of volcanic ashes cause you to reconsider your trip?
sally 25
Getting Around London
Martha 27
First time travelers deciding between London and Paris!
Liz 27
Randy 27
Exchanging Dollars for GB Pounds
Emily 27
Advise on getting British pounds, ATM's in Heathrow/London?
Jane Ann 27
Is it safe for a woman to travel alone in London?
Stephanie 25
London with 82 years old mom in wheelchair
sally 25
3-day walk in the UK, late May?
Lola 26
Water in the U.K.
Terry 25
Congratulations to Scotsman Andy Murray and the UK!
Lola 26
Have You Been To Yorkshire?
Rebecca 24
What is your favorite UK Pub?
Pamela 27
Favorite London Neighborhoods
Andrea 27
best things you've bought from rick steve's travel store?
julie 26
traveling to Ireland/ Scotland/London in Aug/Sept 2008
kerry 26
London itinerary
Vanessa 26
Driving around Ireland
Mary 26
GPS with no street numbers!
Patrick,... 26
Southwest 8-Night...9 Day Itinerary 4/2010
Debra 26
Driving onthe left hand side
kellipaul 24
Scotland/London Pounds?
Bev 25
Automatic or straight shift in England?
Roy 25
London or Edinburgh???
Stacey 26
4 days in London
David 26
Car rental - driving throughout Ireland
Lisa 26