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Your favorite castle

What is your favorite castle to visit in southern England?

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Just one! Errr, Leeds is wonderful. I also loved Windsor which I wasn't expecting as I am not into the Royal Family. I have a soft-spot for Dunster Castle and the surrounding area. I am not sure whether it is technically a "real" castle or not, but I really loved Castle Drogo and the amazing views over Dartmoor.

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Doesn't have to be just one. I'm curious to see which ones people say we should visit on our trip next month.

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I have to agree with Windsor! It is marvelous. Since the fire, they have included alot of stuff about the original that they "discovered" during the renovations.

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Castle Drogo, it's very new as castles go but I'd live there in a heartbeat. My new favourite ruin is Corfe Castle.

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Tower of London--touristy but the history is simply fabulous, and if you go a bit further north Warwick and York (not really a Castle, but what a great walled city).

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Tower of London, and Hampton Court. My nieces and nephews who lived near London for 7 years say that Leeds is their absolute favorite....I haven't been myself.

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The Tower, Warwick and Hampton Court are all great.

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Tower, Arundel, and Warwick( especially with kids) .
I haven't seen many others though so I am sure then are many other nice ones.

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We haven't been to many castles so we can't identify a favorite. In 2007 my wife and I and our two sons (a teenager and a pre-teen) visited the Tower of London and Windsor Castle. Both were great. We thought that we'd spend about half a day at the Tower of London but it was so interesting that we spent almost an entire day. We spent almost as much time at Windsor Castle.

There is a PBS/BBC series about Windsor Castle that is worth watching if you are going or have visited Windsor Castle. Some castles, like the Tower of London, are mostly historical but Windsor Castle is still an active residence and the PBS/BBC series accentuated that aspect. For example, it's one thing to visit the giant banquent room. It became more impressive in the television series as the cameras followed the staffers as they prepared meals and set the table for over one hundred guests.

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I lovws Warwick Castle -- it's really the perfect medieval castle. It's a bit Disney-fied, but it is well done. Windsor is also great. I also thought Dover Castle was a lot of fun.

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In the British Isles I liked Edinburgh Castle, Cardiff Castle and Blarney Castle.

I haven't been to the Castles in Northern Wales yet but suspect they may be my favorites when I visit them.

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Warwick castle reminded me most of the old medieval castles I always envisioned as a kid. Plus, the town is pretty neat too.