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younger folks in Irish pubs?

My sister, two nephew (11 and 17) and myself will be visiting Ireland for the first time in 13 days, 2 hours, 31 minutes--not that I'm counting. :-) We would like them to be able to enjoy the music. However, as I understand it, under-age children are not allow in pubs after 8pm. Obviously, we can't abandon them while we stay inside. Anyone have suggestions on how to let them enjoy the night-life without causing problems? Thanks!

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Well if you have B&B's selected ahead of time you might try e-mailing them and asking to line up a babysitter (don't call that in front of the 17 year old)! I would think the 17 year old would be happy to babysit (pay well, bribery has its place after all) and, exchange some babysitting hours for something that he wants to do in ADDITION to cold hard cash.