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Young and am going to Europe and would like to travel up to scotland

So I am 21 and am going over to Europe in march of 08 which will my first time in europe and am considering going up to Scotland. I am not sure where the best places to go and stay are at? I would like to go to a more rural region and maybe the city, but I would love any good suggestions for locations and places to stay at hostels preferably. I will be by foot which make it harder. Also how is the trainsytem going north? Any help or suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

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It's great that you are planning a trip to Europe. There is so much information available in guidebooks that I suggest that you read a guidebook and then ask your questions here. There is a series of books designed with people your age in mind called "Let's Go." There is a general Europe book, and there are also "Let's Go" books for specific countries. Hostels can be fun and a great bargain, but do some research and find the best ones.

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I was thinking of flying to Inverness or Aberdeen? But Inverness seems to be the best one since it's a little more central.

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Inverness is a great place to have as your central point. You can take a train to Inverness or you can take a low cost flight, a flight can work out cheaper.

As for a place to stay look at this site It is tailor made for someone like you. The YHA can advise you about the best and most interesting places to stay and visit.

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The trains are great in Scotland. If you fly into Edinburgh or Glasgow you can get a train to Inverness. That is a great place to base yourself. You can do day trips to Isle of Skye, Orkney, etc. as well as wonderful trips locally. Also check out the small village of Aviemore. They have lots of outdoor activiities all year round.

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Spend some time in Edinburgh. The castle, the Georgian House, the Museum of Scotland, Sandy's Bells pub for music. University of Edinburgh is there so you might want to check out what's happening. I've not stayed in any, but I think that there are several hostels. You can take a day trip on the train to Stirling. You can go further north and stop off at Dunkeld and spend the night and the go to the music bar. If the weather is semi decent there are some nice walks in beautiful countryside. You can take the train a stop or two up and got to Blair Castle, which is a pretty good one. You can also stop in Pictlochry or keep on going north to Inverness. In Inverness you should find lots of tours and or buses to get you to the out of town sites--Loch Ness and Culloden. Check out the pubs. The train ride from Inverness to Kyle of Lochalsh is stunningly beautiful. Pack your Gortex--jacket and boots and you'll be fine. Buy or bring a good wool sweater, hat and gloves.