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Yotel--Heathrow. Great for overnight layovers

Hello all,

I just returned from a trip to Budapest. On my way there I had one of those horrible layovers in Heathrow. My flight arrived at about 10pm and the one out was at 8am.

I tried the "Yotel" which is located in Heathrow Terminal 4. These are loosely based on Japanese Capsule hotels (which are about coffin size!), but much bigger.

My room (deluxe) was about 100 square feet, but had a very comfortable bed, nice tv, and a bathroom with toilet, sink, and shower.

Advantages--right in the airport, and there is a free train that goes between terminals. Also, clean and comfortable.
Negatives--they are SMALL! However, I am 6'6" and I managed just fine. Also, if you expect a traditional hotel with sitting area, etc., this is not the choice for you.

Anyway, if you are stuck in Heathrow this may be a nice option. I got 6 very good hours of sleep I would not have had otherwise, and a very nice hot shower.....which the people on my next flight probably appreciated a lot!

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My wife and I were thinking about staying at Yotel for an early flight out of gatwick. Can you book it last minute? How much was it?


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The cost issue is tricky since it depends on how many hours you'll stay there. Check the website address I included (just added it) in my original message.

I know they have one at Gatwick too, and I believe you can register at the last minute, though they don't have a lot of rooms, so that might be a bit of a risk.

Also, check out the room diagrams. The premium cabin would definitely be big enough for two, but I don't know about the other ones.......I suppose it depends on how much you like your wife!

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I wish this had been open last year when I slept in Heathrow on my way from Spain to home. My flight got in to Stansted about 6:30, then I took the bus to Heathrow. My flight out the next morning was at 11:00. Sleeping at the airport was OK, but I can't wait to try the Yotel next time!

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Its worth pointing out that the Yotel although it charges by the hour has a minimum hire of 4 hours.
Thats about 40 GBP for a superior cabin, about 10 GBP an hour.

An overnight at the Holiday Inn M4 Heathrow in a full size room is currently often available around 50 GBP or less for an overnight and the day room rate (10 hours) at somewhere like the Novotel or Thistle is typically about 50 GBP. (Though you have to pay for the transfer bus out to these hotels)
At Gatwick the Premier Inn, walkable from North Terminal does day rooms for 60 GBP and they are big enough to hold a family of 4.

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Many of the reviews I read about Yotel at Heathrow is that it can be very loud -- you can hear all the noise in the hallways and from other rooms. I had considered it until I read that. We decided to stay at Jurys Inn/Heathrow instead (55 GBP incl the VAT tax!)