Yorkshire Pudding in York

I see that someone has recommended Russell's, and I saw mixed reviews for Gert and Henry's. Any good places. We love Yorkshire Pudding and think that it would be great to have it here. Anyone found a great restaurant in the heart of York. Thanks

Posted by Philip
London, United Kingdom
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Looking at their website they don't seem to do Yorkshire pudding any more, but I like the Lime House in Goodramgate.

Posted by Shelley
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
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thanks Philip. This looks like a nice place too. We are there for a few days so I will add it to our list. :) Still will try to find some Yorkshire pudding somewhere though. :)

Posted by Toni
Charlotte, NC, USA
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We really enjoyed eating at Gert and Henery's when we were in York several times. However, that's been more than 5 years ago. They did do a very good Yorkshire pudding, though.

Posted by Monte
Genesee, ID
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Maybe it like going to Paisley to buy paisley cloth. There isn't any.