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Yorkshire moors

We will be in York for several days and we're thinking about driving out into the moors for a day. We've heard the Moors Center is located at the north end of the area, but can't seem to find any information about drive times and whether this would be a good day trip by car versus rail?

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Yorkshire Moors cover a lot of starts 25 miles north of York, stretches east to the coast and west to the Cleveland Hills. Moors Center is a mile from Danby in Esk Valley. It's very beautiful, there isn't a single obvious route through the region, one beautiful route is starting at the coast at Whitby, along the Esk Valley to Danby then frm Danby mnorwroads run south over the high moors to Hutton-le-Hole and beyond roads lead to some great towns on the edge of the moor like Hemsley from here you won't be far from Castle Howard that you could see before going back to York.

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We have driven from York through Huoon-le-Hole through the moors,to gothland and then to Whitby. It's very nice and you'll love Whitby. It's my wife's favorite town now.

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This is absolutely best with a car. I hate referring people to web sites but: has some information. There I'm done for the year. One year we drove from York to Scarborough, Robins Hood Bay (spectacular!) and spent the night in Whitby. We'd read a book called The Whitby Witches (for big kids like us) and thats what promted us to go there. Loved it. The next day we drove down to Thirsk and somewhere along the way, taking in Rievaulx Abbey. Ours was not a cicular tour.

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Thanks for your help everyone. Based on your replies, we will have a nice day, taking in both Whitby/Danby and then back down through the Moors National Park to . We'll break the day into short segments, with time to wander and soak in the scenery in between. Appreciate all your input very much.

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And to get you in the mood-watch the opening scenes from "An American Werewolf in London" and read Ruth Rendell's "Master of the Moor."

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Prudence, I'm in late here but your plan sounds very good. I think you'll really enjoy it.