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Yorkshire Dales/Moors

Hi Everyone,
I am wondering if exploring the Yorkshire Moors/Dales is something we can do in a day while heading out of York to the Lake District?

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I took a couple of days. i stopped off in Ripon. i went to Howard House, and Rivaux both wonderful I went for a walk and spent the next night in Hexham before going on to a small town in the fells on the outskirts of the Lake District. I would recommend a stop at Durham. The cathedral is magnificent and the setting is wonderful. Don't forget to read your Herriot or watch All Creatures Great and Small before going. I stayed at a farm in Melmerby. i had to go through three gates to get to the house! The dogs chased me all the way and I was woken up to sheep coming down from the hills. The lambs were getting their first shearing.


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The Dales are easilsy worth more than a passing glance.
But if time presses, go up Swaldale,then back track a tiny bit and go over Buttertubs Pass Then maybe a brief walk up to Hardraw Force, and jam roly poly in the Green Dragon.The there a good road west ,passing views of the 3 peaks(of Yorkshire).Oh and theres a mouth watering food shop in Hawes.Was there a few weeks back.

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I think you can get through them but not really explore them. It's all too lovely for a passing glance.

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Hello Amber. One way of doing it, using public transportation, is to ride in the train that goes from Leeds to Carlisle. It is a scenic train ride up and over the big hill : the Pennines. (I have not heard about that train recently. I guess it is still there). At Carlisle get in a train going south. That route can be satisfactory, especially for travelers going to the northern Lake District.

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It's a little farther out of the way (50 miles from York)...but Whitby is a must stop if you've got the time. It's right on the sea, and the water cuts the town in two. It's where Bram Stroker wrote Dracula (and a good portion of the book is set there)
On one cliff is St. Mary's Church and Whitby Abbey, both hauntingly beautiful and just incredible places to see. This ranks as one of my favorite places in the Yorkshire area.