York to Heathrow for an early morning flight

Is there a reasonable way to get from York to Heathrow for an early morning flight? I've discovered I need to book two nights every place I've tried in York. I'd intended to go back to London for that last night, but it doesn't seem that will work. I'd rather not drive, but will if I have to.

Posted by Tom
Laurel, MD, USA
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How early is your flight? Last time in York we took an early train to London, taxi to Paddington, Express to Heathrow. We confirmed and reserved our seats on the train the day before. Our flight took of in the mid-morning, 10ish, if I remember. you might check on commuter flights, but I bet they would not land at Heathrow, leaving you the trouble of getting to Heathrow. I would not drive, too far, too many probelms. We ditched the rental when we got to York.


Posted by Maya
Menlo Park, CA, USA
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Unfortunately our flight leaves at 8:30, so we'd have to be at Heathrow by about 6:30..

Posted by Tim
Minneapolis, MN, USA
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Unless you drive through the night and turn in your rental car at Heathrow in time to check in for your flight, it seems to me that you'll have to spend the night near Heathrow, either in an airport hotel or at the airport itself. I say this because you really should be at the airport three hours ahead of departure time, not two hours, for a flight across the Atlantic. If you want to have as much time in York as possible, you could take an evening train from York to London King's Cross in time to catch the last tube train to Heathrow. That Piccadilly line train leaves King's Cross/St Pancras at 00:24 and arrives at Heathrow at 01:19. If you want a real bed, book a room for a few hours in the Yotel at the airport. Or hang out until your flight leaves and catch up on your sleep on the plane.

Posted by Swan
Napa, CA
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I would not rely on public transportation being entirely reliable. The Underground has frequent closures; traffic can cause delays, etc. Two weeks ago when I was traveling from my hotel to Heathrow, the Piccadilly line was disrupted and I was (almost) late getting to the airport. If possible, stay at or near the airport the night before. I have stayed at Heathrow Lodge and taken the 6 am shuttle from there; there are other hotels with shuttles to Heathrow.