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York Pass - is it worth it?

We have 2 days in York - has anyone purchased a York Pass ( online for admission to the sites? Is it worth it? Or better to just pay as you go?

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Never have purchased a York Pass so I had to look it up. I don't remember there being a charge for the Minster (anyone?). Will you do all the things the pass covers? York is so wonderful and you can take a lot in just walking around. You won't want to miss the Shambles and since it's just (I say "just") a street, it's free. I liked the The Castle Museum, but haven't tried Jorvik. One thing the pass does not seem to cover is the Railway Museum. IMHO I'd give the pass a miss.

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I too had to look it up. The Minster does cost money. You have to pay to get in to the Minster part, and then pay separately for the Tower climb. I can't remember about the crypts. But, when we went, the till was broken, so we walked around the Minster itself for free and used Rick's book as a guide. We did pay the extra for the tower (which wasn't extra since we didn't have to pay the first part).

We skipped Jorvik because when we got to it it had the look of fake to it. If you have elementary aged kids with you, it would probably be a good stop, but if it is just adults, it looked to me like it was aimed a little low and it sounds like it is lacking on authentic artifacts.

We didn't do a cruise, but we did consider it to see the house of the Archbishop of York.

I'd skip it and put together your own itinerary. The Yorkshire Museum is also a great stop. And the free volunteer walks (which are in Rick's book) were great. The walk gives you a good orientation, and you walk part of the wall and see the Shambles.

Just my thoughts.

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Thanks for your input! We'll skip the pass and just wander the town - choosing what sites we want to visit. Cheers!