york in 36 hours or less?

I am traveling the UK next week and the plan was to take the train from Edinburgh to York Sunday morning, sleep in York, then leave for Bath late the next day (arriving in Bath around 9PM/2100Hrs on Monday). Is this even worth doing? In York, I would like to see York Minster and attend an evensong, walk the Shambles, and visit the York Castle Museum. Wondering if this is all doable in 1.5 days.

Or should I just stay an extra day in Edinburgh (2.5 days/3 nights) then take almost the entire day to travel from Edinburgh to Bath? Skipping York entirely.


Posted by Joel
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Thanks for the replies!!! So York it is then!

Posted by Kent
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York is sort of "on the way" between Edinburgh and Bath, so why not? York is a fascinating place.

Posted by Toni
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York is a great day or day and half stop! In addition to what you have mentioned, check out the Jorvic museum. It gives the history of the vikings and romans in York via a Disney-esque "ride". Fun and entertaining. I can highly recommend the Royal York hotel- it is the station hotel. Very nice. Also- eat at Gert and Henery's - a resturant at the end of the Shambles- I love their chicken, their "Sunday" roast beef and my husband swears by their fish and chips.

Posted by Frank II
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Do it...I did York years ago as a day trip from London. Saw everything I wanted to including a free walking tour.

Here's a website to help plan your visit to York:

Visit York

Posted by Cary
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Based on what you say you want to see, it is very doable. There are more things in your than you can do in 36 hours, but if all you want to see is Minster, the Shambles, and the Castle Museum you should be fine. The other major museum worth noting is the Yorkshire Museum. The Castle Museum is more of a people's story type deal while the Yorkshire Museum is more of a traditional museum with artifacts and such. Both were great. I preferred the Castle Museum while I think my wife preferred the Yorkshire. The Yorkshire is closer to the Minster, but the YCM is by no means "out of the way".

Have fun - it is definitely worth a stop.

Posted by Joel
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ugh... I just looked at the rail schedules and since I am traveling on a weekend/Sunday, the usual 2.5 hour trip from Edinburgh to York now takes 4 hours with a bus ride from Edinburgh to New Castle, then a train ride from there to York. So I'll definitely be spending less than 36 hours there... ugh!

Posted by John
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I second castle museum is well worth it !!

Posted by Cynthia
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Be sure to visit the crypt below York Minster---fascinating Roman ruins. We stayed at a hotel, Acton Dean, which is directly across from the front of the cathedral; many of the rooms have views of the cathedral front. Also be sure you walk on the ancient city walls. We also enjoyed the ghost walk--good stories.

Posted by jackie
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Totally doable! We did that in May. Came in on a Sunday around noon. Things began closing between 5pm and 7pm on Sunday, but in the 7 hours we had that day, we attended Evensong, went to the Railroad museum, ate at the hole in the wall Pub - which was good, walked the Shambles and a craft museum, walked the city wall, and went up Clifford's tower. Oh yes, and we got pastry's at a yummy bakery. You'll also have the whole next day which we didn't have as we took the early train the next morning to go to Warwick Castle. Have fun, York is great and we look forward to going back again, but I'm glad we at least got a little taste of it!

Posted by Sharon
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We loved York and did all the museums that have already been mentioned. Probably the "yummy pastries" were at Betty's. Though we've been to Bath twice, we preferred York.

Posted by Joel
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Thanks for all the encouragement and suggestions to visit York! I am flying to Edinburgh in 2 days.

I am going to try to keep my friends and family up to date via http://ithinkiamgettinglost.blogspot.com/. Feel free to drop by if interested! :)

Happy travels!