York, Hampton Court and Hatfileld Palace

My husband and I will be traveling to London in September to stay with his high school chums. We are staying as their guests in/near Hampton Court. I would love suggestions about local pubs, restaurants and nice/interesting shops. We might want to treat everyone to dinner too. Everyone is Chinese from Malaysia but me - I am the token Swede! Suggestions for eating out are welcome! I have been to the palace but I am sure we will go again. I signed up for a newsletter on Historic Palaces - that is a good resource. Open to ideas. I would like to go to Hatfield - Queen Elizabeth the 1st - childhood home. Any pointers or unique ideas would be appreciated. Should we drive or take the train from Hampton Court? One of the brothers will be traveling with us to York. We found a B&B - the Bronte Guest House. Anyone stayed there before? My husband has been to York but I have not. We would welcome any feedback about highlights, we love history and good pubs/restaurants. Thank you!!

Posted by Edgar
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After you get tired of pub food, fish and chips, curry and the like head over to London's Chinatown for some diem sum, roast duck and/or dumplings: http://www.chinatownlondon.org/ Regarding transportation to Hampton Court Palace, I would go by transit: http://www.hrp.org.uk/HamptonCourtPalace/planyourvisit/gettingthere In particular, the Transport for London website is a great tool on geting from point A to point B: http://www.tfl.gov.uk/ Your Chinese relatives may enjoy reading Chiang Yee's "Silent Traveler in London", a 1930's perspective of London through Chinese eyes:

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We visited Hatfield House several summers ago. We had a car and that was very easy and convenient. It turned out to be one of my favorite historic homes in England! Beautifully maintained, not too huge, fabulous gardens...a very special place. I also loved that the family still lives there...there was a ping-pong table set up in the armory at that time because their kids were still teenagers. Highly recommend!

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Thank you! Should we take the train from Hampton Court to York.as well?

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Sounds like we have similar tastes in smaller venues loaded with history!

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Should we take the train from Hampton Court to York.as well? Beth, if you do, it will be the commuter train in to Waterloo in London, cross London on the Underground to Kings Cross and train from there to York. Those are two of the most difficult main line stations to link by Underground, especially if you are hauling plenty of luggages. One way might be Northern Line (the Charing Cross line is the only Northern Line option at Waterloo) to Leicester Square for the Piccadilly Line to Kings Cross; or to Warren Street for the Victoria Line to Kings Cross. Or you might go the long way around - the offset being that all the involved stations have disabled access which might be easier but slower with lots of luggages - taking the eastbound Jubilee Line Extension to London Bridge and then the Northern Line Bank Branch to Kings Cross. Or, unless you are going at rush hour maybe a black cab from Waterloo?

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Hatfield----ah, another Elizabeth I fan! I saw a movie called "Good Queen Bess' when I was in 3rd grade and have been hooked ever since.If Hatfield still has an Elizabethan Banquet, it's fun but quite touristy.Check out Steve Berry's latest novel The King's Deception for an interesting Tudor plot; go on-line and check out Bilsey Boy. York: the rail museum is very interesting even if you're not a train afficionado; York Minster, the Shambles and a walk along the Roman walls.The local York Museum documents life in Yorkshire.

Posted by Beth
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Thank you for the suggestions!! Several years ago, I got to see an exhibit in the UK of Queen Elizabeth I' s belongings. I was in heaven....her riding boots, gloves, jewelry and more.

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Was just in York 2 weeks ago-totally LOVED it! Walking the area of Shambles lots of shops and pubs. We found a Pub in that area down a dark alleyway with a sign about it on the street. It so happened to be the oldest Pub in town. Great food, drinks and atmosphere. It seems to be the thing now that every town has a Wheel to see the town. I prefer to walk old city streets and get great shoots of everything old and interesting.