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Yeoman Warders Tour

Does the Yeoman Warders tour go through all the areas of Windsor castle are just certain areas and then you go through the rest yourself?

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Sorry, I meant at the Tower of London and not Windsor Castle.

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as I recall, they hit the highlights (outdoors) and then you're free to explore on your own. When I went, we arrived at opening time, made a beeline to the crown jewels (no line!) and then returned in time for the first tour of the day. Very entertaining and well worth it even if the group is large (it's included in the price of your ticket).

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They touch on the highlights and tell great stories, then you get to wander. There are some small 'private' museums on the grounds. We went into one military museum and hubby was really enjoying it, when to our amazement (and delight, actually) we realized it was the museum of the regiment we Americans know as the "Red Coats"!!! (byt the way, the Brits do small museums better than just about anyone else except maybe the Danes).

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I think the Yeoman Warders tours are GREAT!!! They give some much behind the scenes into about what it is like to actually live in the Tower with their families.
We went many places in the Tower it is a " don't miss " in London for me.

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One advantage is that they include the church where Anne Boleyn is buried, one trick though is to tour on your own and when you see a tour preparing to enter the Church you can latch on.

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Beefeaters.Great tour, humour and well done. Even my 14 yr old enjoyed it.