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WW ll sights near Cambridge

We will be in London for a week in September 2014. Has anyone visited the places like Ridgewell (runway used by our 8th Air Force),Duxford (aircraft museums), and the American Military Cemetery at Madingley. What would be the best way to see these places? Are there tours that you can get from Cambridge? Rick has info on Duxford, but my dad flew B24 missions from Ridgewell so I want to see that too. Any help would be appreciated.

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We have just come back from visiting my sister and my parents, who live a few miles east of Cambridge, a bit to the south of the USAF bases at Lakenheath and Mildenhall. We drove past Duxford on the way home yesterday.

I don't know about tours, and Google doesn't reveal anything obvious, but something may show up with a bit of searching. Other than that, you will need a car. There is public transport, but even on fairly busy routes - such as the bus between my sister's fairly large village of Burwell and the city of Cambridge - they only run hourly, and for out of the way places like old and abandoned airforce bases you can forget it in most cases - a car will be the only practical way of getting there in a sensible amount of time, or at all.

Ridgewell is south east of Cambridge, in Essex. I haven't been there, but Wikipedia says most of the airfield was returned to agricultural use after the war, the control tower and other buildings were torn down and the runways were mostly dug up, although some of the perimeter roads were incorporated into the local road network and a gliding club uses the site during the summer. Ridgewell itself looks like quite an attractive little village on Google Streetview.

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On WW II sites near and around Cambridge, in addition to those recommendations above, there was also a German POW camp at Trumpington, a village very close to Cambridge.