Would you book a trip to Europe now with threat of volcano ashes?

Hi, there were lots of feedbacks regarding a previous post about the volcano ashes.I was looking for a straight flight ticket with a EU airlines but they are very expensive.I was just checking on the overall consensus , if it still makes sense to book a trip for July now. Thanks

Posted by Michael 1
Phoenix, AZ, USA
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What, you didn't like the answer to your nearly identical post of a few days ago?

Posted by sally
san Francisco
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Hi Michael,
I really appreciated all the comments and feedbacks that everyone has generously shared. I need to book my ticket this week, as in tommorrow hopefully . I wanted to ask the questions before I book and once I did book the ticket then I stop worrying as there is nothing much I can do.

Posted by jo
boise, ud, usa
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Hey all you people who are concerned about the volcanic ash situation. Check the right-hand sidebar at this website
and scroll down to the blue links; the bottom one is the latest--this is updated regularly
The ash distribution maps they use are much more readable than some others.
FL means flight altitude. FL 200 means alt. 20,000 ft.

cheers, Jo

Posted by sally
san Francisco
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Hi Jo,
I tried the links you mentioned. It seems to have a lot more info. I am sorry but I cannot figure which is the right hand side bar where I can scroll towards the bottom.Thanks

Posted by jo
boise, ud, usa
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You young(er) people can stand airport delays and take a devil may care view of flying to or over the EU under current conditions, but some of us older folks cannot.

Here's a very good website for graphic maps of the ash movement, updated regularly:

Posted by Bob
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The latest air traffic stoppages from Volcanic ash yesterday were in North Africa (Morrocco / Canary Islands) etc while Europe itself was clear.

North America is closer to Iceland than North Africa so if the wind blows the 'wrong way' it could ground you wherever you want to go.

Posted by Tracy
Macungie, PA, USA
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keeping in mind that this is coming from someone who already has a trip booked for july/august...i'm still glad i booked it. things happen, and poster above is right--there's NO WAY you can predict things like this, not the eruptions, and not 'the way the wind blows'. if one plans one's life on the possibility of the wind blowing the wrong way, well, one would certainly not do very much in life! and heck, i could be hit by a bus tomorrow, and i wouldn't make it to europe then, either. it has taken me a while to get to this point, but i can now honestly say that you simply cannot plan for every possibility. just cross your fingers, and if you pray, do so!

Posted by Paul
Tuscaloosa, AL
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We recently booked a trip for later this summer. I did buy trip insurance -- after checking to see if it looked like it covered a cancellation or delay due to the ash, but who knows. I'm mostly keeping my fingers crossed.

Posted by j.c.
NC, United States
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Apparently, the last time this volcano acted up sporadic eruptions continued for two years. If this proves to be the case again, I'd hope, and expect, that airlines serveing the north Atlantic and European routes find a way to ease the risk and burden of passengers whose flights are abruptly cancelled. They'd have a financial interest to do that, because people are likely to cut back on flying rather than take the risk. The downside: It would also give airlines an incentive to keep ticket prices up.

Posted by Cynthia
Gig Harbor, Washington, USA
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Definitely, go ahead and buy a ticket and make reservations. . Chances of flying if the volcano acts up--probably 90%? Chances of going if you don't book? zero per cent!

Posted by sally
san Francisco
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I finally booked our 2 weeks trip to July last wednesday.We will be flying AA . EU airlines were more expensive. I figured if I didn't book I would always wonder 'What If '. I just hope and pray that the volcano ashes will not act up on our place of arrival on the date that we're flying.

Posted by Tom
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To those who bought trip cancellation insurance thinking it will save them: if you purchased the insurance AFTER the eruption started, most policies WON'T cover you, because they regard the volcano-related problems as a "foreseeable event."

On the other hand, if you bought your travel insurance BEFORE the eruption started, you're most likely covered.

As always check with your agent, read the fine print.

Posted by Jill
Kingwood, TX, USA
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Flights are cancelled again. Dublin overnight tonight and London tomorrow. Grrrrr....

Posted by Jeff
Lock Haven, PA
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Prices for flights in July are going UP. I am traveling June 23 - July 9 PHL to GVA. Got a $799 window about 5 weeks ago. Now $1070 and climbing.

Posted by sally
san Francisco
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That is still reasonable. I got an open jaw for second week of July for Sligtly over $ 1200.

Posted by matthew
cincinnati, ohio, usa
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this is probably going to be spewing ash for the next couple of years so it is going to be hit and miss...plan and hope for the best...i leave soon for italy...

Posted by JS
Bay Area
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I will not go Europe direction till the volcano settles. May be a long wait and regrettable for all involved in travel/tourist business. Ab trip this summer looks like a gamble so if you are a risk taker-good luck.

Posted by matthew
cincinnati, ohio, usa
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but how can one predict when a volcano settles...last time this went off it was active for over two years...but that was before air travel...i say book and adapt...

Posted by Judy
Grass Valley, California
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By all means plan your trip, we just got back yesterday from Ireland. Yes, it was a bit stressful wondering is we would get there and back. But all went well. The Euro is at rock bottom. Tourism is so slow right now they just love having you. We seemed to get the best rooms in every hotel for the best price. No lines, you can do and get into anything you want right now. Just keep a little back up plan for if you do get delayed a day or so. We had a cell phone and some people take lap tops so they can get in touch and change plans if something happens. I am so glad we followed through with our plans we really had a blast!

Posted by sally
san Francisco
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Hi Judy, it is so refreshing to hear some positive news on travel to Europe with the looming possibility of delay and cancellation caused by the volcano ashes.
I hope and pray that on the day of our travel to LOndon and back from Switzerland, the volcano and their ashes will not act up and cause as a delay of our flight.
As for hotel prices,the three places we're going to -London-Paris and Switzerland has not budge yet. Still expensive but what can I do ,I got the european Travel bug...