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Woburn Safari Park in Bedfordshire

We will be in London in August with 2 teens age 17 and 14 and we want to take them to Woburn Safari Park....we have no car so will need train?? or bus??. There are no tours out of London. Can anybody suggest how this can best be done??

Mollie B

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It's possible to get public transport to Woburn Abbey.

Can I just check, are you proposing to WALK through a safari park containing wild, free roaming animals like Lions and Tigers ?

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To Al and Kent,

I thought you two were having me on....BUT it's true, unless you arrive in your own vehicle there is no way to do the drive through the large animal area! How come there is no park owned transportation??

I reckon we will forget this major site.


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The lions report they're very disappointed to hear of your change of plans.

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Kent : your last reply was humorous. Mollie : I recommend going to Woburn, to walk through the mansion.

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Woburn Abbey is gorgeous and we loved it but I can imagine my son at that sort of age (or now at 23) not being particularly interested.

Have only seen the safari park from a distance but it looks fabulous - there is also a program on it on British tv which is great.