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With Dot2Dot gone, what's best way into London from Heathrow?

Welcome leads to best way into London (door-to-door). Think we'd like to avoid the Tube with the luggage and train route looks a bit complicated, and pricey, as well. Thanks, Bob

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Ray Skinner at does door-to-door transfers to and from Heathrow & london for 54 GBP for up to 4 people. Very reliable & courteous.

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You have two choices.....

Heathrow Shuttle


I haven't personally taken either one because I usually just take the tube.

However, depending on how many you are and where you're going in London, check with Just Airports as they may be a better deal.

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Robert - I agree with Linda, Heathrow Connect drops you off at Paddington Station from there you can take a cab. Where abouts in London are you staying?

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I would just skip the shuttles all together they are just about the slowest yet most expensive way to get from Heathrow to your hotel.
Though they are used almost exclusively by North Americans who know no better, luggage allowance is European. If you had 2 suitcases the single fare is 27.50 GBP on Hotelbybus.

A prebooked taxi will be cheaper and faster from somebody like Just Airports.
Unless there is just one of you the Heathrow Express train will also be faster and cheaper even with a taxi at the end to your hotel. (Until September its 32 GBP return for 2 people on the Heathrow Express)
The cheapest options is the London Underground for 4.50 GBP which is still much faster than a typical shuttle ride.
If you have a hotel around Victoria the National Express buses are 5 GBP.

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My husband and I always take the tube-so cheap and they have luggage racks-of course, wheeled suitcases are a must-as well as packing light !Going this fall again and plan on using tube which we have done at least 5 times in the past. Kathy

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National Express runs busses from Heathrow bus station to Victoria Station. It's about the same price as taking the tube, only you get a comfortable seat and you know your luggage is nice and secure in the belly of the bus. So if Victoria is more convenient to your hotel than Paddington, I'd choose the bus.

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We also took the Heathrow Connect from Heathrow straight to Paddington Station. This was our first time every to fly international and we found it super easy, affordable and fast. I'm not sure if it goes into Victoria Station or others. Our hotel was within walking distance to Paddington, so it was very convenient for us.

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I used JustAirports to and from Heathrow last year with no problems. About 36 GPB each way. I arrived late at night, so getting into town was no problem. Getting to Heathrow on a weekday morning was a different story thanks to construction and heavy traffic.

I'm going back in October and plan on using Heathrow Express and a taxi.

People traveling with more than a single carryon really ought to consider using JustAirports or another car service to avoid the painful hassle of hauling your bags around on the Tube or a train. Don't be pennywise and pound foolish.

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I agree with the posters who suggested the Heathrow Express or Connect (the Connect is a few minutes slower and half the price). You zip straight to Paddington regardless of traffic or weather conditions, and it isn't complicated at all. You can buy tickets online here in the US, when you arrive in heathrow you just follow the signs (tons of them) down one corridor after another and after a few minutes walk you pop right out on the platform. The train only goes to Paddington, so you don't have to worry that somehow you'll board at Heathrow and end up at Birmingham. I don't know where your hotel is, but there are plenty of hotels around Paddington itself, and a short taxi ride will get you anywhere else in Central London. Unless you have so much luggage that you can't carry it for 10 minutes (a bad idea), the train is the way to go.

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At the moment Heathrow Express is running a 2 travel for the price of 1 return fare which makes it price competitive to the Heathrow Connect train.