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Wish list for one long day-London-Bath-Oxford

Our time is limited and my daughter would really like to visit Bath and Oxford--in one day. We will be staying in London, by Victoria Station. I realize our visits in each town would be very limited--but I would like to hear your suggestions as to how to best pull this off for her! She is interested in Harry Potter and Jane Austen. What mode of transportation would be best----though we do not want to rent a car? Thanks!

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I would choose one or the other, both would be nearly impossible as they aren't close together. If I had to choose, I'd choose Oxford over Bath, as you can always combine it with Blenheim Palace which is a few miles away. Bath is nice, but worth an overnight in my opinion to really get the feel of it.

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Hi Peggy,
I agree with Dave, for the reasons he's given- and Blenheim Palace is worth seeing. Have a great time whatever you decide to do!

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Peggy, Bath deserves at least one overnight if possible but can be done as a day trip and it will take the whole day to do it right. Should be easy to get there by train. TC

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I really do understand that we cannot do justice to either city with a 'whirlwind' tour. But with my limited time----I would like to try and accomodate my daughter's wishes to see what is important to her. Jane Austen and Harry Potter. With that in mind----any transportation suggestions???

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Hi, I would take the train from London Paddington Station to Bath - leave after 9:30 AM for a price break. That will get you there in 90 minutes. There are two trains per hour till 19:00 or so. You can see the highlights of Bath in a day without a problem. I just did it with my kids (10 and 14) and they loved it. We also did the scarper Stonehenge tour as well - 3 hours round trip. Also well worth it. You can walk from the train station to everything in Bath quite easily. Have fun.