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Wine from Germany to Denmark

Hi- I'd like to bring a few bottles of wine from my home in California to family in Denmark. I'll be in Germany for a week or 2 before I fly to Denmark. Does anyone know if I can bring my calif wine from Germany to Denmark via a flight. I can't find any info about it on the Danish customs page. All it talks about is eu residents bring alcohol & other items into Denmark. Help! I leave November 1. Thanks
Lisa from eureka, ca

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Hi Lisa, I see what you mean. The customs site is not very clear. You are bringing California wine from the U.S. through Germany into Denmark. In looking at a Scandinavian website showing custom restrictions, Cut and pasted this: Coming from non-EU country. - Can I bring alcohol/tobacco to Denmark? If you come from outside the EU, Denmark customs will allow you to bring 1 liter of spirits OR 4 liters of wine OR 16 liters of beer. Tobacco limits are 200 cigarettes, or 50 cigars, or 250 grams of loose tobacco. Coming from an EU country. - Can I bring alcohol/tobacco to Denmark? Travelers may bring this type of goods to Denmark in quantities reasonable for personal use only. The legal drinking age in Denmark is 18. Must be in checked baggage. Reasonable for personal use? Whats that mean? For me, that would be 2 cases of wine ;-) I hope this helps.

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The rules say "for personal use". In addition to these rules the EU has a set of guidelines as to what can be considered personal use. These are: 110 liters of beer, 90 liters of wine, 10 liters of hard liquor and 800 cigarettes or an equivalent tobacco amount. It is in theory not illegal to import more, but then it is up to you to justify that it is for personal use, which is hard. Remember: no liquids in hand luggage. If you plan to use your entire allowance, do as the Danes do: bring a car and a trailer!