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Windsor Castle Visit -- Saturday or a Weekday Better Day to Visit

Hi, we will be visiting London in October. Would it be less crowded at Windsor Castle on a weekday than on a Saturday?

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Barring special events and/or holidays, I'd definitely say go on a weekday rather than on a Saturday.

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Have made many visits over the years. hvent paid too much attention, but Saturdays seem to have more people about than weekends. Especially noticeable in the tea shops and restaurants (and parking lots). However if you can only do a Saturday, you should be fine, aim early rather than later in the day

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Surely you jest. A weekday is almost always better than a Saturday. One thing to consider, however, is whether there might be a Changing of the Guard at Windsor. They are far more likely to do it on a weekend than on a dead, dreary October weekday. Check on line. If it rains, the Changing will be cancelled. The other thing is that tourists will be far less numerous and the locals in less abundance in October. A Saturday won't be anywhere near as crowded in October as in August.