Windsor Castle and Trooping the Colour

I'll be in London June 12-16 (arriving on the 12th). I'd like to see Windsor Castle but according to their website the St. George's Chapel will be closed most of the days I thought about going there. Is it still worth the trip if I can't see the chapel? Can it be done in half a day? How about combining it with Kew Gardens Windsor Castle in the morning and Kew in the afternoon? Or would Hampton Court be a better option? I would like to see either Windsor or Hampton Court. Also, I saw where the Trooping the Colour is June 15. I looked at the royal website and it looks like a big deal, starting at 10 or so in the morning til 1 p.m. Would this something not to miss? Since I only have five days in London I wasn't sure about spending three hours of my time on the mall. Thanks in advance for any advice! Cathy

Posted by Robin Z
Troy, Oh, USA
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St. George's Chapel is closed the 14th-17th June due to getting ready for the Order of Garter Ceremony on the 17th. The Trooping the Colour is a celebration for the Queen's birthday, if you want to see it you would need to be on The Mall early (8am or so) in order to get a standing place in order to see it, other wise you won't able to see well, it gets very crowded. The processions can be seen from from the Mall. Events begin at approximately 10.00am, with the fly-past at 1.00pm. Even tho you can't see St. George's Chapel which is beautiful, the castle is still worth the visit.

Posted by Christina
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The Chapel is very nice to see, but a visit to Windsor would still be worth it if you can make it only on a day it's closed.

Posted by Cathy
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Thanks for the advice. I think we'll probably not spend the time waiting to see Trooping the Colour especially if you have to show up at 8 a.m. to get a good spot. If there are huge crowds along the Mall for this event, does that mean other attractions might be less crowded?? Cathy

Posted by Nigel
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If there are huge crowds along the Mall for this event, does that mean other attractions might be less crowded?? Not likely. London has an amazing ability to run many activities simultaneously and entertain all sorts. Not everybody will want to be at the Trooping of the Colour; and in addition to all the foreigners who pile into the area to see it many many English and British will make the journey to attend who wouldn't normally be doing touristy things. If anything most attractions are likely to be busier than normal, especially if the weather is half way decent.

Posted by Susan
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We had a fun time walking around the town of Windsor and eating a late lunch at a pub after our tour of the castle. You will still enjoy it even without seeing the chapel.
We spent 5 -6 hours at Hampton Court and would certainly recommend that. I was at Kew Gardens one year in April and while it was enjoyable walking around, I did not feel it was worth the cost. That could certainly be due to the time of year as I'm sure it is lovely in June.