Has anyone stayed in the Winchester Hotel near Victoria Station (London) within the last year? Several months ago, we booked a family room in this hotel for June on the recommendation of on of Rick Steves' travel guides. In reviewing the graffiti wall recently, I note several very negative posts for the hotel - no hot water; dirty; rude manager; hotel may have changed owners; etc. Feedback from a recent stay, particularly in family/qaud room, would be apprecieated. Thank you.

Posted by Tami
Boulder, CO, USA
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Next time you want to book a hotel, its always a good idea to google the hotels name and the word Reviews, and the Tripadvisor reviews will come up first usually.
I found it for you, doesnt look too horrible, just not glowing:

Always remember that some people may just give a bad review because the breakfast was cold or that the bellhop didnt bring their bags upstairs or there is no lift. For me, I care about cleanliness, price, location and quiet.

Posted by Frank
Tresana, Highlands Ranch, CO, USA
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Sorry to read that. We have always recommended the Winchester BUT it has been two summer since we were there.

Posted by Richard
Hilliard, OH
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We haven't been for a couple of years, but enjoyed the Winchester when we were there in 2007. We have a family room booked there in late June, so I hope that it hasn't gone down hill.

Posted by Colin
Chicago, Illinois, United States
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The Winchester Hotel (17 Belgrave Rd, SW1V 1RB, London) is now under new management. Sorry to disappoint you all! I worked there in 2004 when it was owned by Jimmy, but it was sold to a new owner in 2008.