Which route: Kinsale to Kenmare

I was playing around on Google maps to help get an idea for a route from Kinsale to Kenmare, and it comes up with 3 different suggestions, one using N22 and R569 thru Killarney, another one using N71, an more southern approach and one on R569 that kinda splits the two. Are any of them more preferable than the others. It appears there's a difference of about 20km between them all.

Posted by Tim
Minneapolis, MN, USA
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I've driven the N71 from Cork to Kenmare and highly recommend it. Viamichelin.com classifies nearly the entire route as "scenic" and I agree. Take the R600 from Kinsale to Clonakilty. It's also classified as "scenic".

Posted by Nancy
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I believe N71 is also the route that has along its length lots of public art - a horse statue, Celtic symbols carved into rocks, a bull's head, etc. When the highway was built, the art was put there supposedly to appease the spirits that were disturbed during the building (hey, it's Ireland).