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Where to stay in Dublin?

Does anyone have any recommendations for a place to stay in Dublin? Anywhere you'd definitely avoid? I'm looking to go cheap here, but don't want to compromise safety. A kitchen isn't necessary, but would be a welcome addition. I'm open to hostels, apartments, anything really!

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Sarah, You might have a look at the Harding Hotel to see if that fits your budget. I found the room to be very comfortable and it's in a great location. The noise from Darkey Kelly's Bar & Restaurant can be a bit of an issue at times, depending on what side the room is, but that quiets down eventually. There's also a Hostel around the corner in the same building, and as I recall it's Kinlay House. I paid a visit to the Hostel and spoke with some of the guests, and they all said they were pleased with the facilities there. The rates will certainly fit just about any budget, but of course the "hostel experience" involves a few compromises. If you're thinking of a Hostel stay, be sure to take a towel and a small Padlock. Happy travels and Sláinte!

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I don't work for airbnb but am a satisfied customer. Never had a bad accommodation or host. You might peruse the website and see if there is a spot or two that meets your criteria. You then communicate directly with the property owner. Have a wonderful visit.

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I stayed at the Harding Hotel earlier this month. The location is terrific as is the staff. BUT, the noise from the bar downstairs at closing time coupled with the bells from the Cathedral across the street that ring every hour all night long can lead to sleepless nights. Be sure to ask for a room in the back.

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i stayed at the Harding. The only noise i had was the Churchbells (or recording of them). depending on WHEN you want to go, RS book mentioned dorm rooms. but again, it will depend WHEN you will be going. happy trails.

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Recently stayed at the Ripley Court Hotel and we had a very clean and quiet room with a good Irish breakfast. Thought it was reasonable. Great location.

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You don't say when you're going. We stayed at Trinity College a couple weeks ago. Rooms were very basic college dorm rooms, but the location was excellent.
Breakfast at their cafeteria was fine, and we could easily get in line early for the Book of Kells.