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Where to stay in Bergen??

I am planning to take the Norway in a Nutshell tour from Bergen to Oslo. Since we are arriving at about 6:00 in the evening and taking the tour at 8:40 the next morning I need to stay in a hotel that is conveniently located to the Bergen Railway. There are a few hotels listed where you book the tour but they don't seem to be rated very high with tripadvisor. I would appreciate knowing about a clean, quiet place to sleep that is close to where we have to be the next morning. Any suggestions??? Thanks!

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Quit worrying about location and pick a hotel based on something else. You can walk from the middle of Bryggen to the train station in ten minutes.

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A few suggestions for Bergen: The Admiral Clarion has a few rooms that have a lovely view of the Bryggen. You can easily walk from there to the Bryggen. Treat yourselves to dinner at the restaurant in the Bryggen with the wooden unicorn sculpture on the front. (Enhjorningen) Also, about a block behind the Bryggen is another street with old buildings from the 1300's. If you have time, also take the cablecar that goes up to the top of the mini-mountain near the Bryggen.........Scandinavia is expensive - it doesn't go with "reasonably priced."

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Forgot to add "reasonably priced". All hotels seem really expensive for the short time we will be there. It appears according to the advice I have been given that location is not an issue - so, how about a decent, clean, quiet, inexpensive recommendation???

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For inexpensive try: Other trip I use for finding accommodations is to pull up the train station on google maps and then put the word "hotels" in the search box above map. This will pinpoint places near the station. You can then compare to reviews on Trip Advisor. It takes a little time but I've had great finds this way in traveling all over Europe. Also check www. for price comparisons.

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"Reasonably priced" and Norway don't go together very well. It's an expensive place to visit. The Bergen central city is pretty small. In August we stayed at the Scandic right on the Bryggen and left via train to Oslo. It was only about a 15 minute walk to the station. We had no difficulties with rolling suitcases and backpacks.