Where to get car rental

We will be staying in London for a week in June and then plan on renting a car and driving through the Cotswolds and up to the Lake District and possibly into Scotland for 2 more weeks, finally returning to London to fly home. Should we take a train out of London and pick up a car rather than renting in London? This will be our 1st GB trip. I was thinking possibly a train to Bath? Any suggestions appreciated!And any place outside of London that is a MUST? Barb

Posted by Lisa
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We are renting a car from Sixt London Bow and it is just outside the London congestion charge area. It is located 411 Wick Lane E3 2JG and is a short distance from Hackney Wick station. You can return the car at the airport. I think that seeing the Cotswolds and the Lake District would be seen better by car unless you were going to take a tour. Enjoy your trip!