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Where does the Bath walking tour END?

I know it starts at the pump rooms. Does it circle back to end there or does it end at the other end of Bath?

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We did it a few years ago. I think it ends near the Abbey. Be prepared for a fast pace. Our guide was an older gentleman, very knowledgeable, very funny, very fast walker. It was terrific!

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On any walking tour you can leave the tour wherever you want. It is easy to find your way around Bath. If the tour takes you some place where you'd like to stop (maybe at the top of the hill where the costume museum is) just drop off there. If it is a large tour group, you don't need to notify the leader.

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I thought about that - but then I'd miss the rest of what the tour guide has to say.

It works out well for my plans to end back at the pump room, though, so I'm good with it.


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When I did the city free tour several years ago it started, as other post suggests, at the pump room and ended at the "new" spa, a few blocks from the pump room.

It was great, a couple of hours long and took in the central city. My wife spent the the day at the costume museum.


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The free Mayor's city tour ends back at the Pump House, Abbey - where it started.
The farthest they walk out too is the Royal Crescent and then they walk back stopping at various sights along the way. Our group started with 20 and ended with 12. The tour is 2 1/2 hours long. Our tour started at 10 - 10:30 am. So by noon, we were hungry. On the way back, when we got to the cornish pasty shop, we told the tour guide we were breaking off for lunch. Excellent tour! We enjoyed it.