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Where can I buy a nice Scottish wool sweater?

I'll be in Scotland in September and October. Would like to buy a nice cartigan during my last days there, which will be in Edinburgh and Environs. Any suggestions? I am on a budget, how much do I need to save? By the way, I'll also be in the Highlands, Orkney, and Iona. Also, as long as I'm asking questions, I'd like to take a daytrip to Findhorn by train from Inverness. Good idea?
Thanks to all of you who help me plan my trip!

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It really depends on what kind of cardigan you want - cashmere or other kinds of wool. Given the weakness of the U.S. $, you are probably looking at $100-150 minimum for a good quality wool or cashmere cardigan.

The nicest cashmere sweaters at Hawicks will be over £100, but are of the finest quality and will last a lifetime. There are also tons of cashmere 'outlets' which sell cheaper sweaters, but of lesser quality. In the middle - and probably a good place to look - is Marks & Spencers (on Prince's St).

You can also get a huge range of hand knitted wool sweaters at various boutiques in Edinburgh and elsewhere. Prices will probably be higher in touristy areas, but good quality is going to cost. There are a number of stores on the Royal Mile and Grassmarket/Victoria St. in Edinburgh which sell good quality knit items.

There's really not much shopping on Iona (or Mull), though plenty of options on Orkney and in the Highlands.

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Doris, we stayed outside of Edinburgh and our b & b hostess told us of of mills with little stores on the side. We found the prices very good, but the choices were limited. MacNab woolen mills is the place we went.

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Edinburgh Woollen Mills. I think there is a shop on the Royal Mile, but they have them pretty much where ever tourists are.