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"When are you coming home again" (to Ireland)

We recently visited Ireland, and in Co. Mayo we hooked up with some of my cousins. First cousins, once removed. The situation was a bit troubled, in that we had to cut short our trip on account of a death in the family, but the theme we heard from my cousins was, "when are you coming home again". Not when are you going home, but when are you coming home.

Is there any place like Ireland? Could anyone make you feel more welcome?

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It really is a great country - everyone we met was so warm and welcoming - they acted like they'd known us for years! In Doolin we were walking back from the "grocery store" to our hostel and a little old man pulled up and offered us a ride. Anywhere else I would have been wary, but we didn't even hesitate and hopped right in. He told us his entire life story and we were sad that Doolin wasn't just a little bit bigger!

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Jim, There is no place like Ireland. This same thing has happened to many people I know. Isn't it wonderful? Like a lot of American my ancestors came from many places, but none tugs at the heartstrings the way Ireland does.

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I'm originally from Ireland and yes, we always call Ireland "home" and consider it home for all those whose ancestors came from there. So, my question to you is "when are you going home again?" Don't wait too long!

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How's this for a cross breed?

My grandfather was born in the UK, my grandmother in Ireland. They married and had to emigrate to the US beacuse of the marriage. Now going back as many times as I have the past is forgotten and Ireland is truly my second home. The people the land is like nothing else I have ever felt.

I am heading back in November to catch a bit of Rugby and see the family. Time can't move fast enough for this old sod.