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What Zone is this? Travel from Hotel to Heathrow

We are traveling in Oct to London. Taking bus from Heathrow to Bath for a few days. Then back to London for 5 nights. We are staying at, which I believe is in the Victoria Station area.
Winchester Hotel 17 Belgrave Road
London, E17 8, United Kingdom

My question is what Zone is this? What is the best method to use to get to Heathrow airport from the hotel when we fly home. Our flight out is Oct 28, 11:00am. How much time should be allow? including the time at the airport.. Should we move from this hotel to one closer to the airport the night before? We are on a strict budget. I too am a little confused on Travel Card vs Oyster. It sounds like the Oyster pay as you go is the best for us. Do any of these include travel to the airport.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I visited London once for 6 hours. This will be my husband's first first.

One more question. Money Belt of Money Purse around nect? Which is more confortable for women?

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The hotels postal code is SW1 not E17..

It's in Zone 1. Heathrow is Zone 6.

The tube is very simple to get from the Winchester Hotel to Heathrow. Give yourself an hour for travel.

The hotel's website has direction on different methods of getting to Heathrow:

Winchester Hotel Directions

MOney Belt is a personal choice. Go to a store that carries them and try them out.

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I'm afraid the Winchester Hotel transportation link above is out of date. The Airbus service for instance ceased long ago.

If you are taking the National Express bus from Bath to London it will terminate at Victoria Coach Station. This is about a 750m walk from your hotel.
The Underground/rail station is closer.

You can take London Underground from Victoria to Heathrow changing at Hammersmith. This is crowded with luggage. You can use Oyster Cards on this though.

National Express also run a coach to Heathrow from Victoria, cash fare 4 GBP.

You should idenify which is the best pass for you by reading this Travelcard v Oyster article.

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I didn't look too closely at the information and missed the Airbus reference. Wow, that really is out of date.

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re: the money belt vs. neck. I spent nearly three weeks in Britain with both types. It is is VERY inconvenient to retrieve things from a waist belt for a woman and even though its tucked in, it doesn't look well with many outfits and is inconvenient to manage during 'loo' visits. Wearing it backward helps a little. I used my neck wallet for easy access and think that it is much easier to work with. I never felt concerned about thieves in Britain, but I was mainly in small towns.

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The Oyster card will allow you to get to Heathrow on the tube. Make sure you look at the train coming into the station that is has the terminal you want to go to. There are two trains going to Heathrow. One does a circle and misses one of the terminals. I didn't look at my notes to let you know but just read the sign on the train as it pulls into the station that it is going to the terminal you are leaving from.
Wish I was going again. Went to England for the first time in June. We LOVED England and Wales. I carried a neck style money belt. I tucked it into my waistband. It was easy to get things out and then tuck it back in. You have to decide which is more comfortable for you.