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What to wear soho on Friday nigh?

I am traveling with my husband, he is here for a work conference, spouses are invited Friday night to "experience soho" at a loss for what to wear Thanks

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Well I'm at a loss for what exactly an "experience Soho" night would comprise. What part of Soho? Soho has had a reputation for a very long time as seedy, with barkers by the door encouraging punters inside for very expensive drinks and peeks at girls, and plenty of sex shops. There is still a fair degree of that in parts of Soho. Another historical aspect to Soho is as a very small little Italy with good coffee and cannoli easily available during the day. That is still very much true. The new look of Soho is restaurants of all types and cuisines from Swiss to Mexican via Italian and upscale burger. And all that is just across Wardour Street from themselves - there are hundreds of restaurants in Soho. There are a few bars and nightclubs too. An older industry in Soho is movie making with the London headquarters of most studios and recording companies scattered throughout Soho. There is an area of Soho with a large alternative sexuality preference. So - = - having no idea of what sort of a company your husband works for or the type of conference, nor the sort of crowd it draws, I draw a blank. Don't know whether to say to dress for clubbing, or nice restauranting or bar hopping, or something else. Maybe if you could get a steer for where the experience may lead you could get a steer on how to dress up. Nice smart clothes will always be welcomed pretty much everywhere. I have got to be careful, because although I am regularly in Soho (for the restaurants, the cannoli, the coffee and the gelato) men are discouraged here from commenting on womens' clothing.

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I assume we're having dinner and drinks, and plan to dress smart, just not sure what that looks like. Pant suit? Dress? Thanks

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Pant suit or dress will be fine. Not as formal as you would dress for a downtown D.C. restaurant. Soho is more casual. Something you would wear at home in Silver Spring if you were meeting some of your husband's friends from work for dinner, business casual. You will see every kind of dress in Soho; some very casual. You could get away with wearing a pair of nice jeans, nice shirt, and blazer. On the other hand, you could wear a little black dress, accented with scarf and jewelery.

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As previous poster said, little black dress goes anywhere.

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I would wear a pair of black trousers (pants means something different in the UK!) and a pretty/smart top with a jacket or coat, depending on the weather.

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Black slacks, black or other solid color T (short or long sleeved depending on weather0 or cami- lacy if you like),and colorful, coordinating scarf (you can buy wonderful ones there!!!). If it's cool add a coordinating cardigan (solid color is my preference) or blazer. Wear comfortable shoes- like ballerina flats.