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What to wear in London in March

Hi Pete! My three girlfriends and I are traveling to London on March 5. We will be there 8 days. I live in a warm climate and am afraid that I will be uncomfortably cold whilst in London. Do you have any idea what the weather will be like in early March? Any clothing tips would be so helpful. Thank you!

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The best tip I can give is layers and a waterproof.

Climate change has meant that the south of england has had milder and wetter winters for the last few years. This year though we've had a bitterly cold last month, so it really is anyone's guess.

Pretty certain there'll be some rain, so layers and a waterproof are your best bet.

Have a good trip.


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Thanks for the tips. I will be looking for waterproof boots this week!

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40's during the day, cloudy, damp, and some rain--that's the typical London weather in early March; bring raingear and layers.Here's Rick's handy weather chart, scroll down to Great Britain: London and you'll find March, avg low of 38F, avg high (at 4pm) of 50, which means typically 40's during most of the day: weather in March has been compared to Seattle or Vancouver (British Columbia) weather in March. These are based on long term averages, maybe 30 years or more; of course the weather in March of any particular year can vary from these averages, by how much is anybody's guess.

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A few years ago I was in London in March.. I remember how fun the pubs were on March 17th, St Patricks day..

I am from Canada,, and I found it COLD and DAMP! I had brought a black wool pea coat, but no hat or gloves. It sleeted, it snowed( didn't stick) and it rained almost all week.

Bring warm clothes, bring a hat and gloves, and good shoes for walking in rain( which I had brought so at least feet were fine) , bring a scarf the wind can cut you ,, ( plus of course scarves are in) .

Wool insulates even if wet. Wear wool pants not jeans ,, I wore jeans, they get wet and stay wet , forever..

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I also live in a warm climate. I have been to London the past five years in March and I absolutely love to go at that time of the year because the crowds you meet in the summer are non-existant. The daffodils and primroses are in full bloom. That being said, the weather is most unpredictable, last year it even snowed. Dress in layers so that you can remove clothing if necessary yet stay warm if the winter ice decides to linger. Make sure to take gloves and a scarf and you will be fine.

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I agree with everyone else re: the layers. March Can be very chilly, but shops and restaurants often turn the heating up too high. I would definitely recommend bringing an umbrella!

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We must have been there when Pat was (March 2007) and left the St Patty's parade due to cold and sleet. The entire week was cold, and we weren't prepared for it. However, I would do March again and plan heavier coat, etc. Crowds were virtually non-existant.

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Not to get confused but I think Alan means a waterproof (not water resistant) jacket or coat(?)

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We,too, were there the week preceding St. Patrick's Day in March 2007. Fortunately, we were prepared and dressed in layers and brought umbrellas. We had no difficulties and the weather didn't keep us from enjoying ourselves.

However, one thing would have made a big difference earlier in the week. Buy one of the lightweight pashminas (sp???) from any of the vendors that sell them, and use it as a scarf or head wrap as needed. I didn't buy mine until the last two days of the trip and it made a huge difference. I liked it so much that I bought several to bring home to friends and family.

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I've been in London in March when it was in the 70's. And also when it was near freezing. The weather is too unpredictable.

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March is highly unpredicatble, you could be in a T shirt you could be dressed like an Eskimo.
Last year it snowed over Easter in April (as is the forcsat for next week with temperatures below freezing),
However, last March I also went down to the coast one weekend and had a very pleasant balmy few days.

Officially the average maxium is 12C (about 54 F) and the average minimum is 6C (43 F) each day in March

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Multiple light layers to keep you warm if need be but also comfortable.

Waterproof walking shoes, rain parka and umbrella. Chances are you will get at least some rain.