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What to wear in Ireland?

I'll be studying at a college in Dublin from mid-September to the end of December, and I'm not sure what kind of clothes to pack. I'm used to winters always including snow and wind, but I've heard that Ireland rarely gets snow and gets a good amount of rain. Should I still pack my winter coat and snow boots, or should I pack for more spring/summer weather? Also, what kind of fashion styles do they wear? I want to do my best to blend in and not label myself as a tourist for three months! Can I wear jeans? Tennis shoes? Is carrying a backpack around campus too "American?" I've heard that they tend to dress more formally than in the US; does this mean wearing a skirt or black/khaki dress pants every day or just that they don't go out in public looking sloppy? I'm assuming I'll need a good pair of walking shoes as well. Any suggestions for something inexpensive? Any additional tips for living in Ireland are also appreciated! Thanks!

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You will find that the kids there dress just like the kids here, not more formally. Plenty of jeans, athletic shoes, backpacks - you will feel right at home. I would take a coat but leave the snow boots. Also, you will want gloves and probably a hat, if you wear one. Back in the Dark Ages, when I was a student in Europe, we lived for those packages from home with magazines and papers, but now you can probably find them all online anytime you want. And remember, you won't be in the wilderness. If you need something and didn't bring it, you can buy it there.

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There's no need to buy special clothes. Plenty of people wear jeans. I would not dress for summer. You can see what the typical weather is there during that time and dress accordingly. Expect rain.

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Ireland is the only place I've ever visited where the weather forecaster gave the temp. etc and then said, I quote, "and bursts of sunshine throughout the day." So yes, it rains, a lot. Leave the snow boots at home but bring either water proof shoes or rain boots (actually, buy those when you get there). Dress in layers but do bring a hat and gloves. Have a wonderful experience. While being a student abroad isn't the same as living as a local and working a job it is nevertheless one of life's great game changing experiences.

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Stephanie, My daughter studied in Maynooth last spring. She took her normal attire along with her winter coat and gloves. She also picked up a pair of Wellington's while she was there.

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check out, they have historical weather info I keep Dublin on my google page along with my local city and I always see the weather. Seems like it is almost always 60 -40 degrees year round. Rain is usually the light kind and not torrential down pours. I believe NYC gets more rain than Dublin when you measure it in inches. clothes etc...may depend on the school. I'd contact a student group where you will be attending. They'll know you are American when you open your mouth :) no worries though, the Irish people I met and know are friendly and like Americans. I was walking back to my hotel on Grafton Street after midnight back in February and it was packed with college aged kids, I suspect the girls didn't wear the same outfits to class as most were wearing minis and heels. ;)

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Have no clue if this works on PC's (Mac girl) but....Use Safari Browser and then Google. Type in Grafton Street Dublin into Google, click on Images in the tool bar and countless images will show what folks are wearing. Jeans are fine.