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What to pack for England mid May

We will be in London and southern england. I saw RickSteves predicted weather and I am wondering if anyone traveled mid May and what they wore.

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It is variable. I lived in London and have also visited in May each of the last 3 years.

Last year, I was in London for 3 days in May. Every day was warm and sunny. One of the days, it was probably in the 80s. People were out in shorts and sandals.

In 2007, I was there for 3 days in May. It rained every day and it was in the 50s to 60s.

My best advice is to bring a raincoat (preferably with a hood so if it starts raining you can cover your head) and a sweater or something that you can layer under the raincoat if it is cold.

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As Laura said, you could have some really warm days and then some cooler days in May. I would pack a couple long sleeve tops and a couple short sleeve tops, slacks, rain coat and a sweater. Have a great trip.

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I've found that any time except the heart of winter, you will need a varitey of "layerable" clothes in the UK. Take pants (I like cotton blend but many on the boards here don't), short sleeve Ts and long sleeve button-up shirts that you can combine with the Ts. One medium to light weight sweater- again that you can combine with the other shirts. Take a good waterproof (windbreaker type) jacket with a hood that you can use is cool or rainy weather. Plan on starting with several layers and "peeling down" over the course of the day. Take comfortable walking shoes (preferably leather).

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I should have added don't get further than arms reach from your rain coat. One day (in May) was beautiful so we stopped at the hotel to drop off our warm stuff and rain coats before heading to the British Museum. A few hours later we came out of the museum to a torrential downpour.

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As they say around here Polly, "pack your shorts, your winter jacket, your sunscreen, your polar fleece, your gloves, a sunshade..." lol Expect it to be like Vancouver... but a little more extreme on both ends. Best advice would be plan for sun, but be prepared for cold and rain. Dress in layers, and don't over do it. You can always buy a warm shirt in the UK if you need it! PS - Generally a bit more humid than Vancouver in the SE UK, so is nice to have "wicking" or breathing fabrics. Have a great trip!

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Hi Polly, With England having a climate much like we have here in The Great Pacific Northwest, I always pack like I'm staying home.