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What Should a Floridan Wear in Western Ireland??

We leave Sunday and the weather has been around 62 degrees which is cold to me. Do I need shorts?? We are going to bike and hike alot. I get cold easily. Thanks!!

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I probably wouldn't take shorts to Ireland at any time as the weather is rather unpredictable and changes quickly. If you don't like to be cold, I would bring long pants, socks, and some easily removed layers, and a weather-proof jacket. Having said that they could have a heat wave but usually that is limited to temps in the low 80s. I think it is Ireland that someone said of....3 seasons in 1 day! It can also be quite damp which tends to go through you.

Too bad you are leaving so soon as there is a wonderful book by Eric Newby about biking around Ireland...but he did it in winter!! A humorous book though.

Have a lovely trip!

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I was in Mayo two weeks ago. I got sunburnt and rained on. Be prepared for anything. Also bear in mind that cell coverage in the hills/mountains is intermittent. A couple of weeks ago a lady died due to a fall while mountain climbing. If you're not familiar with the terrain ask the locals. Have a great trip.

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I would take t-shirts and long pants -- nothing heavy and not jeans (they take forever to dry). Then bring a fleece and a lightweight waterproof jacket. If it's not cold, you can skip the fleece, and it it's not raining, you can skip the jacket.

Have a great trip!

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We just got back from Ireland a week ago and had spent a week out in Doolin. The first 2 days were in the low 60's, so we wore pants and jacket, but after that, it was sunny and 75-80 everyday. I brought 1 pair of shorts and some lightweight pants and did fine with that. We had a washer and dryer where we stayed, so that helped.

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A temperature of 75-80 is fairly unusual.The high for this week in Limerick is supposed to be 70. I was there two years ago and the temp got to 75 and people were complaining about the heat. They found it hard to believe that here in the summer the low at night does not get down to 75.

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Thanks for all your help!! We were going to bring jeans so now we will change that to pants! I love this helpline! I wish I knew about it years ago!!

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Layering is key. We were in Ireland a few summers ago and I got pretty sunburned. (Glad to see I'm not the only one.) Anyway, the temp changed so much in one day's time that we were putting layers on and off all day.