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What items would you have someone pick up for you prior to your trip...

My friend(originally from the UK)is making her annual trip to Great Britain in a few weeks. She will be back prior to our planned departure in early September. (2 adults - my spouse and I) I am having her pick up a few things for us - a couple of pre-paid oyster cards, some pounds to have on hand (so I don't have to make an atm stop first thing)and we're splitting the cost of a paygo phone we'll both use. What else would be helpful to have ahead of time?

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Some British Cadbury chocolate. OK, maybe not useful, but really tasty.

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Nieveia makes a "purse" size spray (non-areosol) deoderant that I love. You can get it at Boots in the UK (but not in USA). As I HATE roll on I stock up whenever I am there. It is sized for the 3-1-1 bags.

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England or London A-Z map or book, depending on where youre going.

Yes Cadbury from the UK is sooo much better tasting and creamier than US Cadbury made by Hersheys.

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Ummmm....she has generously offered as a reciprocal gesture for numerous things I have done for her and her's something friends do....didn't think I had to explain the circumstances.

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if its to prepare for your trip, those are sufficient.

I would say a map of London's tube to familiarize your travel plan... assuming you meant GB included London.

Have a great time!

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The one thing you should pick up in the states before you go is a Streetwise London laminated map. Very easy to use and a great format for tucking in your purse. Time Out also makes one. I left mine at home and when I got to London, all they had EVERYWHERE was the crappy A-Z London map someone just mentioned. The map is this big folding awkward paper thing.

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^Actually, I think the version of A-Z being mentioned is likely the book ones - they make a smaller book version, and an exceedingly thick book version. As someone who prefers maps in the form of a book, they were among the options from which I chose (I went with the Penguin London Mapguide in the end).

I wanted the A-Z, but realistically just didn't NEED it.