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What Are Your Choices for Lodging in Westport, Galway & Cashel/Kilkenny

We've about finalized our plans for the Ireland leg of our vacation but still haven't decided on where to stay in the Westport area, the Galway area or in the Cashel/Kilkenny area. We'd like to hear from you well-seasoned travellers.

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We stayed in a farmhouse B&B just outside of Cashel called Rahard Lodge. It's a sheep farm, and at the time of our visit (early April) they had new lambs that they let the kids hold. It had nice rooms, a large, friendly sitting room, and a nice view of the Rock of Cashel.

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Knockranny Lodge -- not to be confused with Knockranny Hotel, which is very expensive -- is a very reasonable and comfortable B&B in Westport. It is in a gorgeous area a 5-minute walk from the center of Westport, a nice little town.

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I wish I could help, but we didn't like the B&B we stayed at in Westport, and we didn't like the B&B we stayed at in Galway. I don't want to post the names, but the Galway one was in the RS book. Something about pre-flavored silverware turned me off, if you know what I mean.

I can recommend the Wyatt Hotel restaurant in Westport. The casual dining restaurant was good - we couldn't get into the fancy one. And, in Galway, the River God Cafe restaurant was really, really nice. McDonagh's is okay if you don't mind waiting in a line and chilly service.

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We visited Galway City on St Patricks Day several years ago and stayed at the Forster Court Hotel. It's about a block away from Eyre Square, right in the heart of all the activity. Five years ago, we paid 95 euros per night, which was actually a lower cost than many of the B&B's that charge you per person, not per room. We stayed several more nights just 9 miles north of Galway at Cregg Castle, a 17th century castle that was simply breathtaking, and very reasonably priced. For our visit to the Aran islands we moved over to Spiddal and stayed at Ard Mhuirbhi, a pleasant but rather nondescript B&B. Of the 3, Cregg Castle offered the best accommodations.

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Thanks for all the help. It looks like we're set for Westport and Galway and will leave Cashel/Kilkenny up in the air for flexibility.


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The Ibis in Galway is clean, consistant and has a nice breakfast and bar.