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Westminster Abbey

My wife and I will be arriving at Gatwick at 8:00AM, and then we're taking the 1:10PM Eurostar to Paris. We were thinking we could see Westminster Abbey in between, but I wasn't sure what to do with our bags. Is there a bag check at the Abbey? Or can we just tour with our bags?

After some time in Paris and Rome, we will be returning for 3 days in London before flying back home. Since we'll be doing the majority of our sightseeing later anyway, is there any other recommendations about what to do in the time between landing and boarding the train?

Thanks in advance.

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Even if you aren't checking a bag on your flight to Gatwick, I wouldn't bet on getting into central London until around 10am at the earliest. I'm not sure I'd want to go wait in line at the abbey after an overnight flight. I'd rather go find a coffee shop, and stroll around just to keep my energy up. You can go directly to Waterloo and check your bag at the left luggage desk for a handful of pounds, then tube back to Westminster or anywhere else you'd like for a bit.

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I agree, go to Waterloo and check your bags if you can. You can then walk over to Westminster Abbey - it's not far, and a nice walk over the Thames.

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After you arrive at Gatwick you have to go through customs, which can take an hour.The trip by train from Gatwick to Waterloo may take an hour-the train is slow. You'll have to get to the check in for the Eurostar by noon-security is rather strict on the eurostar. We made this same trip in June 2006. You will only have about 2 hours, at best, and you will be tired after arriving at the waterloo station from gatwick. There is usually a line and wait to get into Westminster Abbey, and the tour of it can take 2 or more hours. Waterloo station is huge and as train stations go, is interesting. My advise is to relax and sit tight at Waterloo. If you took a later eurostar train you might be able to see Westminster Abbey.