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weekend trips from copenhagen

hi there- i will be working in copenhagen for about three weeks in august and am looking for some weekend trips into the country which are do-able on a pretty tight budget and via trains, buses, and bike. i would love to camp or have a very rustic experience.

my primary objective is to be in nature, by a lake or the sea, and NOT in a city or big town, where i spend all of my time.


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If you rent a bike in Copenhagen, you can take it on any train and there are plenty of places to bike and stay in Zealand. I think for a weekend, you probably want to stick with Zealand as you'll spend a good chunk of your time traveling to go to Jylland.

August - at the leas the first few weeks - can be very busy with Danes on vacation, so campsites/hostels may be less secluded at that point and you should definitely make reservations ahead of time.

I know that there are a series of fairly inexpensive and simple campsites and hostels which are placed at intervals suitable for cyclists. I would do a google search for Denmark and cyclists, as there's a national bike organization that has all this info and also puts out good maps with everything a cyclist needs to know. The Danish tourist website has a good page on cycling which has lots of links:

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I recommend a trip to Mons Klint. (The o has a slash through it.) Here's a description from All Travel Denmark: Mons Klint is a chalk-cliff formation on the east coast of the island of Mon. These dazzlingly white cliffs rise 188m meters above the ocean and are probably the most recognizably natural feature in Denmark. The area is fantastic for walking, either on the wild beaches below, or in the lush green forests in the surrounding area. Even though Mons Klint is one of Denmark's most popular beaches it is remarkably clean and undeveloped.

We traveled there from Copenhagen by car in June, but we noticed that you could easily get there by bus. (Perhaps the TI could help you figure out the train-bus connection. And take your bike.) You can camp in the forest.