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Weekend in England

My son recently started working for the airlines. That gives me the opportunity to do some traveling that I've been longing to do. Unfortunately, we both don't have a lot of time for extended trips. We're considering a quick trip to England. Is that silly? Fly over, be there for two days, and fly back. Any suggestions and advice?

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You would want to plan your time carefully. Since your time is very limited, you'd want to find the shortest flight possible to your destination. Once there, you can take those hop-on hop-off tour busses to get a sense of the city, and then to see those sites that you have chosen. Having done the very short trips myself (to London) I chose accomodation close to transport, and near some things I wanted to see and do. I also lived out of a small backpack -- and I had a dressup occasion, too. With limited time, choose limited goals. You'll be back. The more you know about your destinations, the more you'll enjoy them.

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With 2 nights there that generally means only 1 full day in your destinations....Is it worth it to you is the questions. If it is free (or very cheap) go for it! I am assuming your looking at London?

Do the bus tour, see Buckingham Palace and Westminster Abbey. Dinner in a Pub, maybe a formal Tea...and make a great weekend of it.

I've done Hawaii for the night and Italy for 4 days from the West Coast, exhausting but totally worth it!

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With only 2 days you will want to limit your itinerary to London--but that is not a problem because there is plenty to do there, enough for about 10 2-day trips. If the airfare is free, go for it! You'll be moving so fast maybe the jet lag won't catch up to you until you get back to Arizona. :)

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YES!! GO!!! The Brits call this a "short break" and many hotels have great short-break deals. Check out the Victoria Thistle- it is right in Victoria Station and is very convient if you fly into Gatwick.