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Week long Hiking: Dingle or Cumbria?

I am thinking of doing either the Dingle Way (Ireland) or the Cumbrian Way(Lakes, England)in the fall for a week long hiking trip. I should state we have been to the Lakes twice and the idea of walking through them appeals. Never been to Ireland.

let me state I am fairly fir and want to do 8-10 miles a day. Will use a baggage service.

Any body out there have ideas? comments?

Thanks Tom

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Sounds wonderful. You probably already know this, but obviously, bring adequate rain gear for a week in the great out of doors, in those areas--it can rain part of any day and then be sunny later on the same day. You said fall and to take October as an example, it gets the most rain of any month (slightly more than the other months, according the in some areas of western Ireland.

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I've been to both areas. If I were planning a walk, it would be to the lakes district over Dingle.

Although some places are very pretty, IMO Dingle isn't as picturesque. Ireland's greatness lies in history, music and meeting locals.