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Weather/ Rain Sweden, Demark & Norway July

Is Raingear a Must in July? How cool is it in the evenings?
Any suggestions for two ladies traveling would be appreciated. Any good spots for a Swedish Massage?

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Just read the site and they say that June and July are the wettest months there with 1.7 and 2.5 inches respectively. Average highs say 63-65, but right now it is close to 80, so I'd figure on a nice light fleece to make do in cooler moments.

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Which cities will you be visiting?

There can be a huge difference between Copenhagen and cities farther north in Sweden and Norway. And the coast can be different from inland.

The current weather (80 in Stockholm) is not usual. Copenhagen can certainly get into the 80s in the summer, but further north you are likely to encounter 60s and 70s. And nights can be cool, so a good fleece (and a good rainjacket) are well worth having.


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I did Scandinavia (Oslo, Copenhagen, Stockholm) in May-June 2005. It rained about half the time, but it wasn't really cold. Along with jeans and a short-sleeved shirt, I was good to go with an REI travel umbrella, a hat, and an REI water-resistant jacket. In fact, it was almost like home (I'm from the Pacific Northwest).

However - don't forget SUNSCREEN! I sunburned my arms in Copenhagen while riding one of their coin-rack bikes around during a sunny day - in late May. Perhaps you're tanned from being in Calley, but it doesn't hurt to be prepared...

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