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We are traveling to Ireland August 27 through September 13; arriving in Dublin, driving south then making a circle around the country. Am looking for tips on the best way to be prepared for the weather. Thanks so much.

Posted by Pamela
New York City, NY, USA
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Water proof Jacket. I like one with a hood so I can keep taking pictures. As my photo workshop leader on Skye said, the colors are more vibrant on a cloudy day. :) Pam

Posted by Tom
Lewiston, NY
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That's still a pretty warm time of the year in most of Europe. Maybe a rain jacket and umbrella, but that's just about all.

Posted by Edgar
Medford, OR, USA
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The starting point for preparing for the weather is knowledge. Rather than anecdotal comments from strangers you need to do your own research with respect to the climate of places you plan on visiting. Guidebook climate tables and Internet searches for official met climate are usually good starting points. I.e.: The next consideration is the consequence of "black swan" weather events. If you are a city tourist, the consequence of bad clothing in bad weather is usually not fatal. For example, a summer in Frisco can feel like a winter in LA. They sell a lot of sweatshirts in Frisco to summer tourist from LA who arrive in shorts. You can buy wool clothing in towns but could die of hypothermia in the bush or trying to bag a Monro with bad clothing in bad weather.

Posted by Barb
Central Florida
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Plan for mostly warm weather (short sleeved shirts, capri pants or lightweight pants). Get a very good quality rain jacket with a hood. I would take a lightweight fleece zip-up vest. That's about all. You can combine the vest and raincoat for cool days. I would not haul bulky sweatshirts or sweaters. You won't need them. If you encounter a really cold spell (unusual) - you can buy a souvenir sweater or sweatshirt to bail yourself out.

Posted by Kathy
St. Louis, MO, USA
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Just returned from 11 days in Ireland. Yes, dress in layers and always have your raincoat(WATERPROOF) and umbrella with you. It can be sunny when you enter a building and raining when you come out. Capris/crops are good + lightweight pants that role up. Some of my companions wore jeans and were miserable when they were soaking wet.

Posted by Stacy
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We've bee to Ireland at that time of year. The weather was mild and varied. I agree to pack light layers, a hooded rain jacket, and I would add water-resistant shoes such as loafers. No sandals; sneakers might get wet if it rains a lot. I never did wear shorts; it didn't get warm enough for that.

Posted by Steve
Gaston, Oregon, USA
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Thin layers! and a very thin breathable rain jacket with hood. And do your homework; just before you leave read the weather report.

Posted by sherrell
sarasota, fl, usa
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Was there in July, I used a good light weight raincoat with a hood. Wore capri's and walking shoes, dress up with it-change out shoes for cute flats.

Posted by Brad
Gainesville, VA
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Wear regular clothes and keep a warm layer (maybe a light fleece) and a waterproof shell (unlined, hooded, long enough to cover your bottom) handy in a day pack (never out of arms reach). With luck, you will never need it. I find Murphy's law is generally in effect. As long as your weather gear is in arms reach, it won't rain. Leave it at the hotel, however, and you're sure to get soaked.

Posted by Kathleen
Camano Island, WA, usa
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Bring clothes that don't soil or show dirt easily. That can be rolled up without looking too wrinkled. See if you can get by with just 3 sets of rotate until a real need to laundry. Bring a week of underpants. Don't bring jeans...they take too long to dry. I enjoyed knit pants because they are comfortable and can be stylish. A turtleneck, a fleece pullover and a waterproof layer work great. Waterproof or resistant shoes with good arch supports. You can buy rubber garden boots when you are there and just leave them if you don't want to pack them home. A scarf for your neck or to tie your hat down. If need to be posh bring one nice outfit with some slip-on shoes. Bring some pajamas so you can use the bath down the hall. Bring a might stay somewhere with a spa.

Posted by Dick
Olympia, WA, USA
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Well, whatever Kathy took to Ireland, she's using it now. Kathy, let us know when you return what worked and didn't for you. Happy trip!

Posted by Beth
Sacramento, CA
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In Ireland: Water proof gear with a hood. Gloves are good too! TravelSmith has packable raincoats in a pouch that you can wear a number of layers underneath. I bought one 10 years ago and am still using it! A folding umbrella is nice and there are light weight ones. One per person - don't try to having two people crowd under one. Enjoy your trip! We are leaving for 9/18/13 for the UK and Sweden so we will be bundling up and trying to stay dry ourselves!