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Wondering if anyone traveled to London last week in August 2011. Just wondering about weather and if humidity was high or not

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Susan,, no one can tell you what the weather will be like then , it can range from cold and rainy to hot. It can range from anything inbetween. I have been to London three times in either july or august. My luck has been bad. It has always been rainy or partially rainy( and once when I went in March it was sleeting and windy)
But, London has also had freak heat you see, be prepared for anything, and , a few days before you go you will have to just look up the long range weather forecast for London.. but still go prepared for change.

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Certain you meant last year, not last week. Suggest you research Look for History and Almanac (on my screen under the radar map), put in your date(s) and see what the weather was. NO WAY will it mean that's what weather will be this August. I've been to London countless times of the year. ALWAYS take layers. ALWAYS!

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Claudia, I think the OP meant THE last week in August 2011.

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We were there in 2011 the last week in August. It was quite cool and rainy part of the time. However, we have been there other years the same time when it was sunny and warm. You never know.

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I have been in London in July/August when it was in the low 80s (as i recall) and unpleasantly "hot" and humid. You just cant tell