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I am starting to plan a trip to England...For those of you who have been there would you give me advice on what time of year do you think has the best weather..

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july, but maybe august. unlikely though. maybe june. you never know. what sort of thing do you want weather for? what part of england are you talking about?

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We were there the first two weeks of September. The first five days were spent in the cotswolds where it was just plain hot. It was 100 degrees at home the day we left for England so I'm used to hot weather. It didn't rain at all. I'm sure we were just fortunate to have such weather. We spent the next five days in the Lake District. It rained at times but it wasn't cold at all. Cool, but not cold.

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Whats "the best weather"?

I can assume you mean sun shine?

you may want to say WHERE in the UK you plan on going.

ive been in London in March and it was nice (considering im web footed) and it was cloudy/overcast some days and some with sun, but not too hot. Some mornings it was cool.. I was also there in a Oct and Sept. Both were about the same a March and it did sprinkle once.

I carry a rollup rainjacket w/hood that i keep in my backpack on every trip. I also have a heavier waterproof jacket w/hood that i just recently bought and will be travling with me on all of my trips until i head to more warmer climates.

happy trails.

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I've been several times for the week between Xmas and New Years and the weather was cold, but dry and I enjoyed the theater every night and the museums and other sites during the days. It didn't rain at all.

I've also been in the summer and remember one year it was the hottest on record and they measured the temps in the underground and it was over 100 made the headlines on the newspapers.

You never really can predict what it is going to be like.

I would say just plan a convenient time for yourself and dress accordingly for the weather.

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Last time I was in London was early July and the weather was chilly and rainy. The time before was September and I was glad I had booked a hotel with AC. My best advice, forget about the weather until you start packing.

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We just spent September in the UK & Ireland and found the weather to be 85 and sunny when it wasn't 45-60 rainy and cloudy and very windy or somewhere in between. From talking with locals at various locations over the time we were there the only months that have reliable warm sunny weather are the ones that end in k or z. Pack in layers that can be added or subtracted with the temperature and include a light weight outer layer that is waterproof and can be worn in the rain warm or cold. Don't forget shoes that deal well with the wet.

There are "weather" sites on line that give historic data allowing you to have an idea of what normally happens but in reality they are dealing in climate history. Climate is what happens over time, weather is what happens when you are there and it simply cannot be predicted more that two or three days in advance.

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The British weather is completely unpredictable and has got more so in recent years. This year we had a particularly cold and wet spring, but once things finally warmed up in June or so it was reasonable. In 2012 we had one of our coldest and wettest summers ever - people who went to the Queen's Jubilee in June were taken to hospital with hypothermia.

The warmest weather is usually June/July/August, but don't make any plans about clothing or activities until you see a weather forecast with less than a week to go.

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We were in London for 3 weeks this summer from the last week of July through the 17th of August. We had everything from sweltering hot weather to cold, rainy days. The weather wherever you go in England is extremely changeable no matter which season you choose to go! Just be prepared for anything...

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Ah, the weather.

Well, it very likely won't snow in the summer, and you won't see 80F in the winter.

But, you might easily see 50F and rain in any season.

Not that it rains as much as legend says. But, if you do get wet, just know that's why the place is so green.

I like temps in the 60's for travelling. For me, that means April-May and September-October. (Depending on location. Last time I was there I woke up to 30's in Edinburgh, took the train to London where it was 86F, in September.)

Check the forecast a few days before you pack. Do not pack clothes for every temperature contingency. British merchants will be happy to sell you a sweater if you get chilly.

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I was pretty happy with May. The days are getting long and prices/crowds haven't reached peak season yet.

England boasts "four seasons in one day", meaning any time of year you should expect just about anything and often changing quickly.