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Ways to go between Bergen and Stavanger

I'm doing my own googling, but I want to ask for opinions also. What are the various ways I could go between Bergen and Stavanger? I would have a Eurailpass which will work in Norway, but there are no trains between B and S; only boats (which is fine) or cars (which is not an option at all). I've found one ferry line website (Fjoirdline) but I'd like to know if that's the only one, or the only logical one, or if there are alternatives. Thx. Tom

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Hi Tom,
Not sure why you feel cars are "not an option at all." If it is just because you are worried about driving in Norway, I would like to reassure you that the roads in fjord country are excellent. We drove all through that area in 2005. When the roads get up towards the top of the mountains, they go through tunnels - no hairpin turns with scary drops that I remember in that area. (We did find one "nail-biter" up near Geiranger, but that's farther north than the area you mention.) The drive you want is only 130 miles.

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You can also fly. A check on for the random date of May 8, 2013 shows a large number of one-way flights under $100, taking only 40 minutes, on both SAS and Norwegian. If you are flying SAS from the US, look into adding segments within Scandinavia; when I went in 2003, they had a program that allowed this relatively inexpensively. Yes, trains "between" Bergen and Stavanger go via Drammen (close to Oslo), which would be quite a detour. Looking at the Bahn website, I see you can do it as an all-day, or with one or the other leg as an overnight.